You want more customers.

You want more clients. You want to be booked to speak at more engagements.

But are you really prepared?

Sometimes it seems like you live in an era where a spirit of self-entitlement hovers over the climate and without knowing it, it becomes a part of you.

As a result, you believe that because you decided to go in business, people should buy from you.

You believe that because you wrote a book people should buy it and read it.

You believe that because you started a fan page, people should “like” it.

You believe that because you are having an event, people should attend.

But the question you must continue to ask yourself is, “Are you ready?”    


Have you made the necessary preparations like–

1)      Committing to studying your craft.

2)      Committing to learning how to market who you are and what you do in a way that makes your brand irresistible to your ideal client.

3)      Investing in you by taking courses, attending seminars, and workshops to learn how to be a wiser, profitable entrepreneur.

4)      Connecting with a mentor, coach, or consultant who can teach you an effective system by which to garnish results.

5)      Being clear, consistent, and constantly visible in appealing ways that share your authenticity.

These are things that demonstrate your readiness—things that do not come easy. There are no shortcuts.  All of these things require discipline, determination, and vision.

There is no doubt that you deserve to be heard. You deserve to serve. And, you deserve to reap from the seeds you have sown. And yes, you should live in a state of expectancy; but you must also stay in “ready” mode. You must always be ready—ready to know, ready to grow, and ready to go because you never know when opportunity will knock.

You never know who is observing you. You never know who needs what you have to offer. You just never know.

To think that you deserve to serve others without any preparation is ludicrous. It undermines the gift that is within you. No matter how gifted you are, no matter how skilled, you must still hone your craft and always stay in learning mode. Being ready is an evolutionary process; therefore, you cannot remain the same.

So, remember this, you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready and then….

When you start your business, the clients will come.

When you publish your book, the readers will buy.

When you establish your social media presence, the fans will “like.”

When you plan your event, the people will come out in droves.

The Main Message

Your take away from this post is….

Be ye also ready. You know not the day….that’s all I have to say. :-)


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Peace and Blessings,

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