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 Books That Transform with Kellie Alston & Friends is an online talk radio show hosted by Blog Talk Radio at As the host of the show, Kellie Gardner has engaging conversations with authors who are changing mindsets and transforming lives with books written about entrepreneurship—including topics such as personal branding, small business marketing tips, mindset, spiritual growth, as well as issues that affect women in business. The target audience is small business owners who desire to shorten their learning curve as they build sustainable 6 or 7 figure enterprises.


The show, which first aired, on December 1, 2010, is Kellie’s new love child and gift to thousands of small business entrepreneurs who are searching for the “how-to” to build successful businesses in the 21st century, from reputable sources, willing to share their expertise with those who hunger for it.

Friends of the show are selected only after Kellie Gardner has had the opportunity to read each book and create the kinds of “below the surface” questions that will benefit her listeners. As a result, the show does not air on a specific day and time, but airs Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. (EST)–at times convenient for the guests.

Any given show on Books That Transform receives thousands of archived listens as the show is listed on 10 podcast directories on the internet. Authors who “befriend” the show rave about their 45-minute experience, commenting on the thorough preparation done by Kellie Gardner, the host. Every show is guaranteed to address the questions that small business owners want answered as Kellie keeps the needs of her listeners at the forefront of her mind.


Time has passed quickly since the first show aired in 2010 but it seems that Kellie Gardner will not “let up.” As long as there are books being published that speak to the concerns of the small business entrepreneur and as long as God gives Kellie strength, she is determined to provide a content-rich show that changes mindsets and transforms lives.

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BTT Recommended Reading List

Do you need some guidance on the kinds of books that can truly change  your mindset and transform your life? Access your free copy of the  Books That Transform Recommended Reading List. The comprehensive list of the authors and their books that have been featured on Books That Transform is divided into the following categories: branding and marketing; small business; speaking and communication; women in business; and, spiritual growth, inspiration, and mindset. Click here to receive your copy, today.


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Kellie’s Kudos Korner

As an Amazon #1 bestselling author I’ve had the honor and privilege of being interviewed on many, many radio programs — from nationwide syndicated programs, to regional call-in programs to local broadcasts. And I can tell you without hesitation that being a guest on Kellie’s program was one of the best and most fun interviews I’ve had in a very long time! The reason: Kellie actually prepares and does all the necessary leg work for a great interview and a great show with her guests! Now, I know saying Kellie prepares may sound a bit strange…after all, don’t all radio hosts prepare for their guests? Well, yes they do, but most of the time it’s no where near the level that Kellie does to prepare for her show. You can absolutely tell the difference in her interview. She doesn’t ask fluff and filler questions, she digs deep into the book and business and background of her guests. She pulls out information that will really help her listeners. And she really gives a fantastic overview about why she recommends a book and how reading it can help the listener. If you’re an author and would like an interview to be fun, entertaining and content filled, and actually have the host be someone who has read your book, cover to cover…I recommend Kellie Gardner’s show.
Jeanna Pool
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of Marketing for Solos®


It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Kellie Gardner. Her focus on providing value for her listeners was evident by her due diligence and preparation leading up to our program. She actually read my entire book allowing her to lead the conversation in a manner that would best serve the audience. It’s no wonder Kellie has such an incredible following of active and engaged listeners who are excited to hear Kellie’s next expert guest!

 Allison Graham
Author of From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding & Profitable Networking Made Easy! (John Wiley & Sons Ltd)


donnaserdulaKellie contacted me with the request to interview me on her radio program, Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner & Friends, a few months back. I was flattered beyond measure and agreed immediately!

Kellie is such a true professional. Although the program was scheduled a number of months in the future, she stayed in touch with me. A few days prior to the program, she sent me the questions she would ask, giving me plenty of time to prepare.

During the interview, Kellie was generous and kind, making the whole process easy and non-stressful. It was great seeing so many tweets and receiving emails from people who had listened to the show afterward. Kellie is a fantastic professional and I highly recommend working with her.
Donna Serdula, author of LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile




PhotoRemy_crop“I must say … I’ve done a lot of interviews through internet radio, broadcast radio, even major affiliate stations, and you’re one of the BEST hosts I’ve ever worked with! Very easy to talk to, smooth pace, and you have a knack of knowing what the audience questions might be. My favorite part? You actually opened my book and LOOKED at it! I can’t say that every host has done this, and it becomes painfully obvious by some of their out-of-nowhere questions. Thank you for having reverence for my expertise, and bringing a wide variety of experts to your audience. Good job, Kellie … and a big pat on the back for your work in the world!” Remy Chausse, Author the National Bestseller of Living Life As An Exclamation Point!




“I was a guest on Kellie’s radio show to discuss my book, “Think Like an Entrepreneur.” Kellie was an  attentive host who provided a comfortable environment for our discussion. Her show is produced in a very professional way and she cares about sharing information that is helpful and motivational for her listeners. I highly recommend Kellie as a radio show host and as a business woman. Deborah A. Bailey, Author of Think Like An Entrepreneur,


“Kellie is a dedicated business expert who is committed to bringing her audience quality interviews. I have witnessed her perseverance, enthusiasm and commitment to her radio show and it is a quality product. For anyone looking for a host or moderator for an event, Kellie Gardner is an excellent choice.” Melinda F. Emerson, Author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months,


Thanks so much, Kellie, for the opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned while writing Birthing the Elephant with your audience. It was a wonderful experience! Your questions really went right to the heart of what my book is all about — and your warmth and infectious enthusiasm made it clear that you yourself are an entrepreneur extraordinaire! I believe you’re doing a really great service to your listeners by sharing books that you’ve found valuable and life transforming. It is an honor to have my book, Birthing the Elephant, counted among them. Keep reading and sharing! Wishing you every success, Karin Abarbanel, Co-author of Birthing the Elephant,



I recently had a huge surprise—Kellie Gardner interviewed me for her Blog Talk Radio Show. In and of itself, that might not seem unusual, but what was out of the ordinary is that Kellie read my entire book, Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible. Not only did she read it, but also had specific questions she knew her listeners would want answers to—lots of them, in fact.What did that tell me? That Kellie is a pro; that she is genuinely interested in providing her audience with the most transformative information available. It also told me that she’s as invested in gaining wisdom as she is in accruing knowledge, and as prepared a host as she expects her guests to be.Kellie is an excellent interviewer- informed, personable, articulate and gracious. She knows who’s out there, what they’re doing, what would be valuable to spend your time on, and what you should politely ignore. I’ve had the great pleasure of being interviewed dozens and dozens of times, and this one was one of my favorites.  

Nancy D. Solomon, Author of Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible,



As an author, I’ve done many radio shows and my experience with Kellie Gardner was by far one of my favorites.  It was like sitting over coffee with a good friend.  What I appreciated was that she took the time to read my material and had genuine and thorough questions.  She hit on points that she felt would best benefit her listeners and audience.  She is professional and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.  If you are an author and want to have someone showcase the true essence and integrity of your books, Kellie Gardner is the interviewer to work with.  Allison Tibbs, International Author, Speaker, and Coach, 




Kellie is a smart and passionate show host. It was such fun to be on her program. More importantly, she had researched what I do and knew about my books. That made all the difference. I go on many radio programs and must say that when my interview with Kellie was over I felt like you do after a great meal, full and satisfied. I would encourage authors to take advantage of her expertise and inquiring mind.”          Sylvia Lafair, Author of Gutsy: How Women Leaders Make Change,



Kellie does the most thorough prep of any talk show host I’ve worked with – and I’ve experienced dozens.  You can count on a stimulating interview that gets to the heart of what you have to say when you agree to work with Kellie Gardner! Gail Larsen, Author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell A Better Story,





 “Kellie was one of the best interviewers I ever had.  She asked GREAT questions and made the interview very engaging.  It was almost as if we were just having a conversation in her living room and others got a chance to listen in.  Being on the show gave me additional exposure for my book and allowed me to make very profitable connections.  I really enjoyed being on her show and look forward to coming back to share more.” Bernadette M. Johnson, author of  Business Blueprint: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting & Running A Business The Right Way!,




From the moment I received Kellie’s invitation to appear as a featured guest on Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner, I felt that I had been invited into a friendship and not just a radio program. Indeed, Kellie’s talk show is more than the average radio program. It is a forum for the exchange of open communication and dialogue about the authors and books she features. And because of Kellie’s love for her radio audience, she takes every measure to ensure that the content of her show is customized to reach every listener in a very special way. Kellie’s God-given gift is the business of transformation and she is doing it through Books That Transform!

Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner is not a place to promote your book, rather it is a place to communicate the message of your book. If you are that author who is more committed to the message than the marketing, this is the program for you. So pull up a chair, relax and start the conversation with Kellie. It will be a life-changing experience! 

Katrina Spigner, author of This Is For You! 31 Days of Life Changing Discoveries,




“As an author, one of the fun parts of the job is promoting your book, and never was the experience more fun and stimulating than when I was interviewed by Kellie Gardner on Blog Talk Radio. She not only read my book, You Are a Brand!, but she asked interesting questions that kept me on my toes and led to an exciting conversation. Since I’ve written three books, I’ve had a lot of radio interviews, but none had the personality and preparedness of Kellie.” Catherine Kaputa, author of You Are a Brand & Breakthrough Branding,






“It was a fulfilling and fun experience being on Kellie’s talk show. She is an enthusiastic, smart interviewer and asks great questions. I enjoyed the interview very much. Kellie was professional and dedicated and offered follow-up and publicity for my book and my work. If you are looking for exposure, or want to talk to someone who “gets it”, get in touch with Kellie and be on her show. It’s an all around great experience!” Beverly Flaxington, author of Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior,






I had a terrific time on your show Kellie, and would definitely recommend other authors participate.  You are a fun and engaging host.
Jane Atkinson, author ofThe Wealthy Speaker: The Proven Formula for Building Your Successful Speaking Business,www.
0061-eWomenNetwork“Thank you, Kellie Gardner, for a great interview!  Your show is lively and informative, and I really enjoyed being your guest.” 
Gail Z. Martin
author of 30 Days to Social Media Success: The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, and Facebook