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Writing is still one of the most powerful forms of communication on the planet. Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can use it to connect with your target audience.

In the video tutorial below, I share five major ways that you can connect with your target audience through writing. If you choose three to consistently implement, you will begin to build relationships with those you have been called to serve and establish your reputation as a thought leader in your field.

Be prepared to take notes and pause for a moment. This tutorial is 13 minutes long. Enjoy and pay it forward!

The Video Tutorial


Slide Notes

Slide #1

This is the series that is not about you. This is the series that is about your calling. There is a specific group of people who need the services and products you provide to address their problem, pain, or predicament and it is time for you to care enough to communicate with them. In this video, I will share 5 major ways that you can connect with your target audience through writing. Now, let’s get started.

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Now, I want to take you back to the little red school house. You know the one that had all grades K-12 in one big room. If you are watching this video, I am sure you didn’t experience a little red schoolhouse education but perhaps you have seen Little House on the Prairie or some old school movie about the new frontier, pioneering days, so you can relate. Well, in those times, there were three fundamentals of a basic education called the Three R’s—reading, writing, and arithmetic. Being literate, mastering written communication, and knowing how to do the math were the three things that separated the haves from the have nots, the rich from the poor.

Slide #3

Today, it is no different. Reading, writing, and arithmetic play a strong role in our daily interaction. Writing is still very important in creating contractual agreements (when something really matters all parties want everything spelled out in writing) in email, texting, and even participating in social media. No matter how advanced we get with video technology, there is still nothing like the written word.

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That being said, let me reveal to you the five effective ways that you can connect with your target audience and build a relationship with those you have been called to serve on a consistent basis. They are 1)  Blogging, 2) Email Marketing, 3) Direct Mail, 4) Article Marketing, & 5) Publishing. Ultimately, these are ways for you to create content, establish yourself as a thought leader, and stay at the top of the minds of your niche. Now, go ahead and get a sheet of paper because I am going to briefly review each one and then ask you to choose three as part of your marketing plan.

Slide #5

I want to share a true story with you. In February of 2012, I received a voicemail message on the Ask Kellie line. I returned the call and it happened to be a woman who had never responded to one blog post, but when we talked she let me know that she’d created a folder and put my blog posts in it. She also informed me that she read every single book of every author that I’d interviewed on Books That Transform. She said she couldn’t remember how she found me but she had been following me for quite some time.

Just last week, she emailed me after I wrote a blog post about the fact that I am writing a book and told me that she was so excited about what God was doing in my ministry. She said she couldn’t wait for my book to come out & that she was also writing a book.  Now, think about that. Without even knowing it, I have been building a relationship with that wonderful woman. When I returned her call, we had the best conversation for about 20 minutes.

We talked about my branding programs, her business, and after a few moments, it was not as if two strangers were on the phone. I don’t know about you, but I think that is powerful. That is the power of blogging.

So, Let’s briefly talk about the who, what, where, when, and why of blogging. A blog is a website that allows you to build a relationship with your target audience through frequent, consistent updates.

According to expert blogger and founder of the Blog Squad, Denise Wakeman, it is the place where you educate, entertain, engage, and enrich the readers. You see, the more frequently you blog, the more you demonstrate your own stability, consistency, belief and commitment to what you have been called to do by sharing your experiences, your views, and your expertise with your readers.

Think about something that you do every single week that involves at least on other person. It might be watching your favorite tv show which for me is none other than Shark Tank. It might be meeting your best friend for lunch every Wednesday or going to choir rehearsal every Thursday night or playing golf every Friday morning with your colleagues.

In the same way, that you look forward to connecting with that special person or that special group of people, your readers begin to look forward to connecting with you. So, if you choose to connect with your audience through blogging, commit to it. Don’t leave your target audience hanging, wondering when oh when you are going to share another post. After a while, they will not wonder anymore. They will just lose interest and move on.

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Oh, Email! Oh, Email! Do they really need another? You may be thinking, people need another email like they need a whole in their heads. And, guess what? You are exactly, right. If you choose email marketing which is a great way to build a relationship over time, you will have to find a way to get into the recipient’s email inner circle.

What is the email inner circle?

The email inner circle is the group of people whose emails the recipient WILL open AND according to Nielsen NetRatings, there are only 16 people in that group. Now, how in the world do you get in it? It seems that you can only get into that inner circle if you publish a free, valuable ezine or online newsletter.

This means that you will need to provide good information that helps people. When people begin to see you as a trusted adviser or expert in your field based on the content of your ezine, they will click when they see your name in their inbox. Your ezine should go out once a month at the bare minimum & weekly at the very best.

Feel free to invite them to purchase your products or services but use the 80/20 rule—80% great content, 20% sales related. Now, you can maintain your position in that inner circle by sending updates in between the ezine issues, but keep the content level very high. Do not send an email just to “stay in contact”. Have a specific purpose in mind.

Slide #7

When was the last time you went to your mailbox and found postcards of all shapes and sizes from Papa John’s, a local realtor, Kohl’s, Stride Rite, or even Direct TV? It was probably recently. That is because direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to communicate to and then attract clients.

If you choose to launch a direct mail campaign, using a postcard as opposed to a sales letter or brochure is going to be more cost effective. You will also need to commit to mailing a postcard 9-12x per year.


Because marketing research says that a person must see a message at least 9x before he or she makes a purchasing decision. When you show up in the mailbox on a regular basis, when the prospect is ready to purchase what you offer, they will undoubtedly think of you.

Slide #8

Writing articles is a wonderful, non-threatening, non-salesy way to communicate with your target audience. It allows you to once again provide helpful information while developing trust. People are sick of being sold to, so it is no wonder that they trust articles more than advertisements. When you write an article, you are not focusing on yourself, but you are focusing on the reader. By providing news they can actually use, you enhance your credibility and keep them coming back for more.

Slide #9

If you really want to get your target audience’s attention, publish. Publish a book, an ebook, an audio book (which has hit the billion dollar status), a special report, a white paper, a home study course, a manual, a guide, a blueprint–anything that builds your reputation as a thought leader—someone who knows what he or she is talking about and is willing to share it. If promoted correctly, the book will also open up the door to seminars, workshops, keynotes, radio and television shows, and various speaking engagements that will take your message to the masses.

Slide #10

In this video, we skimmed the surface of 5 major ways you can connect with your target audience through writing. Your job now is to educate yourself on them and then choose just three to put into action. Remember that connecting, developing trust, and building relationships take time and unless you care enough to communicate, consistently, you will not reach those you have been called to serve.

Slide #11

If you are a small business entrepreneur who is struggling with aligning your business vision with your divine purpose…if you are not quite sure how to build a brand that resonates with your  target audience, I invite you to learn more. Access your free Personal Branding Toolbox and let me help you build your brand one step at a time.

Until the next video, I’m Kellie Gardner encouraging you to keep watching & keep walking in your divine personal brand.


Have you ever wondered what is the most effective way to build your brand?

Have you pondered over how you might get noticed by Google and actually show up in search engine results when your target audience is looking for the products, services, and programs you offer?

One of the most effective ways is by sharing your thoughts, expertise, and personality on a blog—





Choosing a niche, “owning” it and finding your authentic voice for commenting on that niche is one of the best ways to stand out in your industry.

Your blog gives you a platform for connecting with your target audience on a regular basis, addressing their concerns, while showing off your specialized competencies. What a wonderful way to differentiate yourself! Denise Wakeman, marketing advisor and founder of The Blog Squad, puts it this way:

Your blog is where you have the opportunity to really get into a relationship. It’s far more effective than Twitter’s 140 characters, a status update on Facebook, or a picture on Flickr. Your blog is where you educate, entertain, engage, and enrich your reader.

Remember, no one has been through what you have been through exactly the way you have gone through it.

Nobody has your “spin” on your industry like you do.

No one can “do you” but you.

Therefore, sharing yourself on your blog with those you truly want to serve should become a top priority. It is that connection that turns your target audience into clients–ideal clients, who see you as the only problem solver who can fulfill a particular need.

Benefits of Blogging

There are so many benefits of blogging; however, the following are the most prominent ones:

  • Your blog is your home space where you can freely promote your brand online.
  • Your blog is the most economical way for you to create an attractive, on-brand Web presence without having to constantly use a programmer or web designer.
  • Your blog improves your search engine rankings because ranking algorithms value frequently updated content.
  • Your blog is the one place where you have most of the control.
  • Your blog helps you to establish trust with your target audience.


Committing to the Process

Blogging takes time.

Whether you are writing your blog post or creating a video for video blogging, you must prepare what you have to say. You must research what your target audience really needs and wants to know. Then, you must organize your ideas.

Even if your blog post is short and succinct, it must speak to your target audience. If it is long, the value within must be worthwhile.

So, how often should you share?

Blogging experts say that blogging three times per week is ideal, however, you may find that this is not practical for you. In that case, I advise you to do at least one of three options that I do choose each month:

  • Choose the 3-2-3-2 Method.  Just this year, I decided to find a happy medium with what the experts suggest. I have decided to blog three times per week, then twice the following week, then three times the next week, and finally, then twice during the last week of the month.  At least twice during the month, my blog posts are about the interviews that I conduct on Books That Transform on Blog Talk Radio. That leaves 8 blog posts for me to focus on compelling content on personal branding, marketing, or personal development.
  • Choose one day a week to write your blog posts based upon your monthly editorial calendar. On a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon, you may devote several hours to writing your blog posts based on an editorial calendar you have created. Your calendar should include major topics that appeal to your target audience. You can then create posts that address those topics using materials such as current books, magazines, or journals from your industry to provide factual information while blending your personality within.
  • Set an appointment with yourself to blog 3 days per week during a certain time. Set the appointment and keep it. Write until you finish and post it right then. Procrastination will keep you from your writing and thought processes. So, treat your blog like it’s your baby that you must attend to—your child who needs your attention and your spouse who needs your dedication.

The Bottom Line

Blogging for business is no longer an option. 

However, if you do not have the will power to commit, let it go or don’t even start. There is nothing like seeing an outdated blog on a website. It speaks volumes about your commitment to the maintenance of your brand. 

If you can’t commit to two to three times per week, begin with once a week and do not forget this:

A blog for your business is going to attract the right people into your world, and that world should be the hub of your online business…..Use the blog to demonstrate your expertise, create dialogue, and build a community of fans and a springboard for unlimited opportunity for you and your business. ~Denise Wakeman


Your Thoughts

Are you ready to start blogging? What is your greatest challenge as it relates to blogging?

So, You Thought Blogging Was An Option?

Blogging is for those who love to write.

Blogging is for those who have the time and interest.

Blogging is well…..not for me. :-(

Have you ever allowed those thoughts to parlay through your mind? Well, I understand exactly where you are coming from and why you might feel the way that you do. But, that is why knowledge and awareness are so critical.

Perhaps, no one has made you aware that if you are in business, blogging is non-negotiable.  Even today, when there are millions of blogs on the world-wide web,  if you do not have one, one blog is still missing.

Establishing your expertise, sharing your ideas online, and informing your target market of the services and/or products you provide–should be goals of yours as an entrepreneur.

Using a blog as the main way that you do that is a MUST.

But, don’t take my word for it. :-)

The Blog Talk Radio Interview with Denise Wakeman

Listen to Denise Wakeman, online visibility expert and founder of the Blog Squad in the interview conducted today on Blog Talk Radio.

In the interview, you will learn the following:

  • The power of blogging in the 21st Century
  • How to determine whether you are a “successful” blogger
  • How to Create Great Content When You Don’t Like to Write
  • How to View Blogging as a Marketing Tool
  • The Length of a Quality Blog Post
  • The Validity of Membership Tribes
  • Should you focus on quantity (when it comes to comments and traffic)?

Listen to internet radio with kelliegardner on Blog Talk Radio

Comment Luv

  • What did you learn from the interview?
  • Are you ready to get started blogging, today?

Coaching with Denise Wakeman

Get more expert advice and coaching from Denise Wakeman on blogging and your online presence at

So, you want to lure your readers in and keep them coming back?

So, do I.

You want your readers to have an enjoyable experience when they read your posts?

So do I.

Never fear. I did the research for both of us.

There seems to be a way to implement sexy writing, thereby creating sex appeal with our blog posts.

Who knew, right?

I have shared my new discovery with you in the video below. These tips come from two experts in writing, blogging, marketing, and just business, in general–Joe Vitale and Donna Partow.


Joe Vitale, lovingly known as Mr. Fire, is the author of Hypnotic Writing: How To Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words and many more amazing books and ebooks.

He is famous for teaching others to use The Law of Attraction in business and in life.

You can get tips on marketing, copyrighting, advertising, and publicity at

Donna Partow is the author of  Making Money From Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business and several other books as well.

You can get great tips from her at www.making

Both have made substantial incomes doing what they do best–teaching others how to create and market successful businesses.

So, grab a pen and paper and be prepared to get some golden nuggets from the video below.

It is time that your writing created SEX APPEAL. :-)

Did you learn anything from this video?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Forget EVERYTHING your ENGLISH teacher taught you!

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