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How Do You Communicate Your Brand?

You are a start-up entrepreneur and you are wondering, “What is the best way to communicate my brand?”

That is a terribly good question and one that you must seriously take the time to answer.


Because what you communicate and how you communicate it determines whether or not you attract the right clients.

Attracting the right clients not only means that you will generate revenue, but it also means that you will enjoy what you do all the more. I mean, let’s be honest, who wants to work for themselves and hate doing it?

That would totally defeat the purpose of entrepreneurship, right?

It would also indicate that you are not walking in your divine personal brand, but I digress. brand man gold

 Let’s get back on track. :)

So, it is critical that you are very strategic in creating your brand communication program. Before you can do so, several things must be clear:

1.  You must know whom you have been called to serve so that your focus is strictly on them.

2.  You must know them inside out so that you are aware of why and how they buy your services.

3.  You must also know how the competition positions their businesses to gain trust and attention from your ideal clients.

4.  Finally, you must have your very own well-defined positioning statement.

What is a Positioning Statement, Kellie?

Just in case, you get the first three “must-knows”, but you are not sure about that positioning statement thingy, here is a little formula for creating one:

I offer (your service type)

For (Your ideal client type)

That Need/Want To (The problem you solve and why your solution is different)

The one thing that I want you to be mindful of more than ever is: why your solution is different. This portion is commonly known as your USP or your unique selling proposition. It is the one thing that makes you distinctive from your competitors in a way that your ideal clients will value most.

You really want to nail that USP because the more your positioning statement accentuates your divine distinction from your competitors, the easier it will be to promote your products and services.

Back to the Brand Communication Program

Now, that you are clear on the “must-knows”, you can sit down and create a brand communication program that aligns with your brand positioning in the marketplace.

You see, behind every bit of communication you do, there must be a reason (a profitable reason) why you are doing it. You should not just jump on the bandwagon and do what you see other brands doing.

Your communication tactics, if you will, should support your goals as it relates to building your clientele and increasing your revenue through authentic connections and interactions with your ideal clients.

In other words, what you do must appeal to your ideal clients, so much so, that they say, “Hey, you are the answer to my prayers because you hold the solution to my problem, pain, or predicament.”

With that being said, here are 20 communication tactics you might consider:

  • ·         Speaking to groups—webinars, teleseminars, seminars, workshops, keynotes

  • ·         Teaching groups–online courses, Lunch-n-Learns

  • ·         Article Marketing

  • ·         Video Marketing

  • ·         Direct Mail

  • ·         Postcards

  • ·         Internet Advertising

  • ·         Podcasts

  • ·         Blogs

  • ·         Ezines & Newsletters (through the mail)

  • ·         Email Marketing

  • ·         Social Media

  • ·         Trade Shows

  • ·         Press Releases & Other Forms of Public Relations

  • ·         Networking

  • ·         Joint ventures, cross promotions

  • ·         Contests

  • ·         Sponsorships

  • ·         Referrals

  • ·         Case Studies


How Do I Create My Brand Communication Program?

Remember, you are just starting out in business and entrepreneurship is no joke. Your time must be utilized wisely, so this is what I advise—choose three to five tactics that you believe will most effectively support your positioning statement and help you achieve your goals.

You can even use these criteria below to help you choose your first three communication tactics:

1.  Choose a tactic that allows you to have a steady flow of communication with your new “leads” (i.e. blogging, email marketing, or direct mail)

2.  Choose a tactic that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry or market (i.e. write a white paper or special report, start a podcast, give a free teleseminar on frequent basis, start a video channel)

3.  Choose a tactic that boosts your reputation online (i.e. redoing your website to increase email address capture rate, optimizing the site for search engines, and revamping your site to make it sell and convert traffic more easily.)

Set A Schedule To Make It Happen

Once you have selected your first three, get a calendar that can go on the wall in your office. Select the days of the week that you will follow-through with each tactic (for example, blogging on Mondays) and place a sticker or use a Sharpie to mark the calendar for that day every week for the rest of the year. 

If there is a tactic that requires you to delegate it…do so.

Commit and be consistent and your brand communication program will reward you with clients that love who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.




It has to be the #1 class that college freshmen hate to take.

I remember my speech class like it was yesterday. We met in the communications building at Winston-Salem State University,  in this large auditorium-style, lecture-hall. The speaker was at the bottom of the rows of seats, so it was as if we were looking down on him…or her.

Do you remember how you felt when you did your first speech in college?

Perhaps you remember a speech you did in church or just presenting your business opportunity for the very first time.

How did you feel? Was it good and bad all at the same time?

No matter what kind of speech you have had to make, you probably remember feeling nervous, anxious, worried, fearful, and possibly relieved…when it was over. There may not be very many good feelings associated with the experience….PERIOD.


But, maybe you are older now. Maybe you have experienced some things and you have a message that you believe needs to be shared with the world.

Maybe YOU have morphed into a keynote speaker, professional speaker, an inspirational speaker.

It could be that now that you have some insight on life, some expertise, some “how I made it and you can to” to share, and this is the right time for you to start a speaking business.


I am getting excited for you, already. But really, keynote speakers are in demand and with the right coaching and work ethic….with a vision to succeed in this industry, you might be the next….YOU… to blow-up.

Jane Atkinson, a renowned speakers’ agent, has written a book that will “knock your socks off.” If you are even thinking about starting a speaking business, you must get your hands on The Wealthy Speaker. Not only is it a SPEAKING BUSINESS 101 manual, you can also order its companion workbook.

You will be amazed at all of the content that you will get for less than the cost of a tank of gas. Now, isn’t that a blessing?

Interviewing Jane Atkinson

On June 22, 2011, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Mrs. Jane Atkinson. It was such a joyful time! But not only that, Jane shared sooo many golden nuggets with us.

Whether you have already embarked on your journey into the speaking world or whether you are considering it, listen to this interview to find out:

• Whether you are in the speaking business for the right reasons.

• Whether you have the wealthy speaker mindset.

• The Ready, Aim, Fire Strategy that Jane uses to effectively build a speaker’s brand.

• Whether Jane Atkinson is the coach & consultant you need to catapult your speaking business

• Whether you should ever speak for free as well as how to choose a lane that pays you more….and so much more.

Click play and let the learning begin….

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