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Lessons from Bishop T.D. Jakes on Marketing

Bishop T.D. Jakes.

He is one of my most favorite people in Christendom.

I marvel at how God has used him to reach the masses with the Gospel. 

Even before the internet was what we know it to be today, he was able to successfully move the masses, bringing thousands of men and women together for life-changing conferences.

Today, he continues to reach the souls right where they are—on the internet, on television, and on land and sea.

As I write this post, I have the recording of Sunday’s live-streamed service playing in the background. Already, I have been blessed by the praise and worship and as I am typing the “Welcome” song is being sung.

Who knew we would be here in 2012?

Now, the announcements are playing in a professionally-done video.

I just love it!!!

Well, you know what they say, “Success leaves clues. Follow the clues.” So, being the lover of marketing that I am, I decided to share some things that you might learn about reaching your target market based upon the model that T.D. Jakes Ministries has so clearly laid out. It is quite evident that Tony Scott, Marketing and Creative Strategy Director for the ministry, is “on the job” and he is doing it well.


Ways TD Jakes Ministries Expands Its Reach


There are several sites by which one can stay connected with T. D. Jakes Ministries:
Home of The Potter’s House Church
Home of TD Jakes Ministries
Home of TDJ Enterprises (also includes a blog)

 Social Media                                                                                                 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Video Marketing

  • Internet Church–Live-Streaming of Sunday Worship Service and Wednesday Bible Study which can also be viewed throughout the week.
  • YouTube Channel

Television Broadcasting, Movies, Music, and Podcast

  • The Potter’s Touch can be seen on The Word Network, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), DayStar Network, BET (Black Entertainment Television), and WLFT 30
  • TDJ Enterprises has produced several feature films and a multitude of DVDs: Jump the Broom, Not Easily Broken, Woman Thou Art Loosed
  • Music Projects include Sacred Love Songs, Sacred Love Songs-Vol.2, Praise and Worship, Get Ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes, The Best of T.D. Jakes Platinum Series
  • Podcast on iTunes allows listeners to download messages.

Mobile Marketing

  • One can become a TD Jakes Insider and receive news, updates, special offers, and inspiration via mobile phone by texting TDJ to 84700. (SUMOTEXT is the company the ministry uses.)


  • Banners for various conferences being held this year are on all sites.

Products and Services

  • Multitude of Books, CDs, and DVDs

Personal Application

“You must be certain that you are bringing in customers from various sources—sources which your target market is based….They are watching live presentations on Ustream, getting 140-character posts on Twitter with special offers, and even browsing Second Life to learn more. They also have most likely browsed your Website from a device other than a computer, whether it was a Blackberry, an iPhone, or another mobile device. Are you prepared to embrace and leverage these changes?” 

Michael Tasner, Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Customers First, p.3

This quote says everything I could possibly say “in a nutshell.” You have to be where your target market is if you want to reach them.

Just as TD Jakes has literally taken the Great Commission to all of the world via the internet,  you must follow suit and expand your reach.


By the end of this post, when I finally finished, the anointing was so strong, so thick in my house. The broadcast was coming to a close and it was as if Bishop Jakes was speaking directly to me—like he knew my issues, my concerns, my desires.

My fellow Christian entrepreneurs, this is the power of the internet that we are experiencing in this day and time. The fact that God could speak to me, directly, through Bishop Jakes while I am sitting here at this computer is something my great-grandparents could not have imagined and several of my grandparents never lived to see.

I encourage you to begin to map out how you might reach others with your message, your gift, your talent, your experiences, your call via this amazing tool God has put in place for us to use for His Glory.

The message I was watching is called Live On Purpose, Part 2, preached the second Sunday of 2012. At the time of this post, it was at this link: You may need to access it via the archives depending upon when you read this post.



What is Web 3.0 Marketing?

Oh, NO! Not, again!!!

Just when you thought you were getting used to the idea of Web 2.0, here comes the sequel.

I don’t know why you are shocked. You had to know it was coming.

Just like your cell phone, your computer, your television, your music device of choice–as soon as its put on the shelf, the new, improved model is on its way to the store.

And, just when you were finally able to figure out its features because you refuse to use the manual (or maybe that’s just me), it’s out with old and in with the new.

For some, that can be frustrating.

For others, it is just another factor of the 21st Centurion’s life.

But, this time, the sequel is really good….Cross my fingers and hope to….well, anyway, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. :-)

Because, this time the sequel is very promising. And hopefully, this time it won’t be too confusing to understand.

Web 3.0 has arrived and from what I can see, it is just what the doctor ordered. :-)

Marketing in the Moment Makes It Easy to Understand

According to Michael Tasner, author of Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First, Web 2.0 has so many limitations–

  1. Over-saturation,
  2. Misconceptions,
  3. Time,
  4. Modes of Interaction, and
  5. Openness

The details of  which you will have to read in his book. :-)

But Web 3.0 Marketing, takes marketing to a whole ‘nother level.  He explains–

Web 3.0 marketing describes the next wave that is already taking place and it is the shift from Web 2.o The key driving factors to Web 3.0 marketing include browsing habits, browsing methods, more intelligent information, the experience we’re looking for, and the openness of the Web. Blackberrys and iPhones, portals into Web 3.0, are ruling the day.

Simplified: Web 3.0 marketing is the convergence of new technologies and rapidly changing consumer buying trends. (p.11)

Whew! Now, that was a mouthful!!! However, I hope you are able to see where this is going.

Web 3.o is an experience.

It is the pleasure that we can get from being on the internet, instead of just noise, noise, noise, everywhere we turn.

It is customized, personalized greetings on websites that you frequent.

It is live video streaming on topics that interest you.

It is “all things mobile.”

It is truly accessing relevant information at your convenience and connecting with others in a less time-consuming way. (Yes, you read that, correctly.)

There is so much that can be said about it. I guess that is why Michael Tasner wrote a 205-page manual on the subject. :-) And boy, am I glad that he did.

Part 1 of My Video Tutorial Series

For months, I had been contemplating doing a series on live internet tv channels because it seemed like the people that I came in contact with, did not understand the incredible  purpose they would serve.

Of course, having an internet tv channel seems glamorous and hot; but, the majority of people I talked to did not see with their marketing and business eyes, what an incredible tool was at their disposal.

But, when I got my hands on Marketing in the Moment, I knew that it was time to create a series of videos that would break it down for even the Web 1.0 (lol) person to understand.

It was time to put the spotlight on live internet broadcasting–to sound the alarm, so to speak.

It was time to showcase the best part of the internet–live video broadcasts.

So, I have started the series and here is the first installation of videos.

It reveals the 5 components of Web 3.0 Marketing as outlined in Marketing in the Moment by Michael Tasner.

Now, are you ready to embark on this journey?

Envision yourself with your own live t.v. broadcast in the very near future! :-)

It’s going to be fantastic!!!

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