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Moving Into Due Season

Soloist: Let us!

Choir: Let us….

Soloist: Not be!

Choir: Not be weary in well doing….for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.

For some reason, that chorus came to mind as I was writing lesson 3 of this series on vision, that is speaking to me through the lives of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

It is a song that the gospel choir used to sing when I was a little girl. Somehow, there are those songs, hymns, or spirituals that get deep down in your spirit and never seem to go away.

For me, this is one of them.

I used to love this song—probably because it was so encouraging, or maybe just because it is good news that says exactly what the Word says:

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 (KJV)

Well, you know me.

Since I believe that your business vision has to align with your overall purpose for being on the planet, I can easily apply that scripture to the world of entrepreneurship.

So, let me do what I do.

Moving into “The Due”

It takes faith to make the decision to be an entrepreneur—faith with a little bit of peculiarity mixed in. Aspiring to be the employer and not the employee is not for the weak at heart and it is certainly not for the fair weather believer.

With that said, without faith, it is impossible to press towards the vision. This is because the vision is something that you cannot see in the natural. It has only been revealed in the spiritual realm. It is an image in your mind. It is a tugging in your spirit. It is something that you know, must be.

It is not dependent upon the resources that you have now….not the vision. Its manifestation is based solely upon your recognition that it is, it shall, and it can. Once you recognize this, you are compelled to move forward, to operate in faith, using the resources that you have in the present moment.

You are also summoned to act using the wisdom that you have at the time—however limited it may be. But, never fear, wisdom will not fail you. She will reveal more and more of herself as you acknowledge her and dare to listen.


  • the sum of learning through the age; knowledge
  •  accumulated knowledge, erudition, or enlightenment.
  • the ability to discern what is true, right, or lasting; insight  (Free Dictionary.com)

Operating in Faith in Spite of Seeming Lack

I am simply saying that when you make a decision to move towards the vision, you do not wait to walk in it just because you “wish you had more money so you could…” or because, you “wish you had more education so you could”….or “you wish you knew those kind of people who could”…and so forth and so on.

No. You say, “Here I am. Lord, send me.”

You go with what you know and you seek to know more.

You use the skills you have and you work to make them better.

You utilize the connections you have and you network to make more connections.

You exercise your faith.

As a result of exercising your faith, unlimited resources will come to you.

You see, Vision would not have summoned you had she not been prepared to provide you with all you need to succeed. But, Vision, my friend, she is sagacious.  She waits to provide you with more once you use what you already have. She knows that “due season” is just around the corner—that is, if you are moving towards it.

So, don’t get weary, measuring your progress by a timeframe that Vision did not give you….looking to the left and the right at what others are doing. Remember, it is about the pace, not the race.

Just know that “due season” is just ahead….if you “faint not.”

Due Season and Lesson 3

On the next post, I will share how moving into due season applies to the lessons I am learning from the business moguls, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Hope to meet you back here. :-)

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The Vision Series: Sharing My Heart With You

The Introduction to My 4-Page Commentary on Lesson 1 from Walt Disney and Steve Jobs

Click here to download my 4-page commentary on how Lesson 1 applies to your business vision…or read the introduction below, first.

Dear Reader,

During the summer of 2011, vision became somewhat of an obsession for me. I began to realize how important it is to my success and how in those times when I could not “see” my way, I had made some very poor choices. As a result, I began to study vision– reading about it, meditating on it, and coming to the conclusion that without it, I could do nothing….at least, nothing that aligned with my purpose.

Having turned 40 just before summer began; I knew that wasting time was no longer an option. Moving forward, with my vision as my guide, became my saving grace.  Understanding that I was called to do a specific thing, a specific way, for a specific group of people changed my mindset forever.

And so it is, that on Thanksgiving night 2011, two great visionaries were dropped in my spirit on my way home—Mr. Walter Elias Disney and Mr. Steven Paul Jobs. I could hardly wait to get in the house and get on the computer, so that I could read their biographies.  For three hours, I read various versions of their bios and watched videos about these great men. As if someone else took the pen I held in my hand, I began to write one lesson after another—lessons, that I learned from the paths Disney and Jobs’ lives had taken.

As I wrote the fifth one, I realized that these major lessons were those that all entrepreneurs could benefit from; but most importantly, that small business owners would appreciate even more. Actually, they are written as instructions—actions that need to be taken. Based upon the lives of these business moguls, they have already been proven true.

Are they brand new ideas? No. They are just lessons in life supported by real-life examples from two men who managed to completely change how we do things, forever.

Read to be inspired.

Be inspired to act.

Act to progress.

Progress to teach.

Praying for your vision,

Kellie Gardner

The 4-page Commentary on Lesson 1

I was lead to share my ideas on how this lesson applies to business vision and how much can be learned from the lives of these great men. This was just the introduction, but I would love to share more. Click here to download the free 4-page commentary now.

Let me share my heart with you.

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  • In what ways will you begin to expand your thinking when it comes to all that is possible with your business?
  • Please leave your comments here and share this post with anyone you think will be blessed by it. :-)



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