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Will I Be Able To Sleep, Tonight?

Tomorrow is the big day!

I will interview world-renowned speech coach Christine Jahnke on Books That Transform at 10:00 a.m.(EST). Christine is the author of the most  instructional and inspirational book on public speaking, The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best. 

I must say that I received way more than I bargained for from the 355-page book. I learned so much about–

  1. How to write an effective speech,
  2. How to conquer the camera (because you know it adds as much as 15 lbs. to your figure), and 
  3. How to increase my likeability factor. 

I also learned how influential women like Maya Angelou, Ann Richards, Indra Nooyi, Barbara Jordan, Pat Summit, Melinda Gates, Elizabeth Dole, Suze Orman,  Madeleine Albright, and Hillary Clinton possess the Power Persona Trifecta and how I can possess it, too. :)

Well, I thought I would let you in on the questions that I will be asking Christine, tomorrow with hopes that you will meet us there. If not, at least you will have a “heads up” when you listen to the archives.

Questions for Christine Jahnke

  • Chris, in the past 20 years, you have been a speech coach for some extremely influential women. Tell us about an experience that you would rank as the most unforgettable moment in your career.
  • In the beginning of the book, you say that all well-spoken women share a few characteristics that make-up the Power Persona. Chris, give us an example of someone who embodies the Power Persona Trifecta.
  •  When we think of a speaker making a connection with the audience, many of us might guess that what the speaker is saying makes the most impact, but on page 81, you say that is not so. Chris, what magnetizes audiences even more than the content of our message?
  •  Chris, someone listening may be thinking, “Well, I’ll worry about the visual and vocal after I figure out how to write a speech.” Why is it that we might feel comfortable writing a research paper, an essay, or even a blog post, but writing a speech just intimidates us?
  •  Chris, now it is time for us to really take notes. Let’s say that Well-Spoken Wilma has accepted a speaking engagement at the American Business Women’s Association’s National Leadership Conference in 2013. What steps for speech-writing success would you give her?
  •  Chris, Wilma is doing her best to follow your steps but she is struggling with two things—writing what you call a bang-up opening and a bang-up closer. How would you coach her through this tough spot?
  •  Chris, let’s talk about conquering the camera. We know that today’s well-spoken woman will be caught on camera at some point whether it’s YouTube or NBC and she might appear to be as much as 15 lbs. heavier than she is. Please give us a quick overview of how we can project like-ability and SHAPE UP to go on camera.
  •  Chris, you have taught us so much in this short time. I am sure someone listening would love to work with you. Who would you say is your ideal client and what specific products or programs do you offer? 

How You Can Join the Discussion?

Sharing this great content with you is my pleasure.

I hope that something said will help you become a well-spoken entrepreneur.

                                                                                                                      Books That Transform Guest,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Christine Jahnke

I’m every woman, it’s all in me! Anything you want done, Baby, I do it naturally!

That song will get you going won’t it? You listen to a couple of choruses of that, whether it’s Whitney’s or Chaka Khan’s version, and you just might be ready to conquer the world.

Or, you might just be thinking—

I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan….and never, ever, ever let you forget you’re a man, cause I’m a WOman!!!

Ahhhh…..sookie now! I remember watching that commercial as a young girl, not really understanding what was so great about bringing home the bacon. Sounded like an easy thing to do to me. :-)

Little did I know that the bacon represented an income and what this songstress was saying was that women could be professionals, homemakers, and very, shall we say, “feminine”, all at the same time.

But at the end of the day, what do WE, the women of the 21st century really think about that? What do we think about the pressures of fitting into certain ideals or molds created by those outside of ourselves?

What do WE really believe WE are capable of and what do WE think about ourselves?

Successful Women Really Do Think Differently 

In Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, & More Resilient by Certified Personal and Executive Coach Valorie Burton, we learn that success is three-fold. It consists of “harmony of purpose, resilience, and joy.” It is only “when these three elements flow together you will experience true success.”

It’s not about the material things.

It’s not about a specific status.

It’s not about meeting others’ expectations.

It’s not about trying to be everything to everybody.

It’s not even about keeping up with Mrs. Jones.

It’s just about 3 things–purpose, resilience, and joy.

At the end of the day, the only way you will live a fulfilling life is when you know exactly what your life’s purpose is and you program your mind to focus only on thoughts that empower you to succeed.

In Successful Women Think Differently, Valorie Burton guides you through the process of understanding your mindset as it stands today and how your mindset can be transformed to serve you better.

The 9 Habits that you will learn are–

  1. Believe You Can Do It
  2. Get Off the Hedonic Treadmill
  3. Stop Trying to Fix Your Weaknesses
  4. Build Your Muscle of Self-Control
  5. Cultivate Positive Emotion
  6. Be Prepared for Battle
  7. Don’t Be a Maximizer
  8. Don’t Go It Alone
  9. Write It Down


Not only will you learn those 9 Habits, you will also learn the 7 Key Decisions That Will Change Your Life.

The Engaging Conversation

Today, at 11:00 a.m. (EST), I had the honor and privilege of talking to Valorie Burton about some of the key principles in her book. Listen to the interview as she expounds on–

  • The Fixed Mindset vs. The Growth Mindset
  • Why Women Today Are Less Happy Than They Were 40 Years Ago
  • How to Create a Happiness Action Plan
  • Why It is Important to Focus on Your Strengths
  • How To Build Your Self-Control Muscle
  • What It Means to Be Resilient & How You Can Become More Resilient Everyday

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Before You Go

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Focus On Educating Your Target Market

If you are a small business entrepreneur, you have to be on top of so many things—your vision and mission, marketing online and offline [personal branding], networking, speaking and teaching.

Yes, speaking and teaching must be added to the bag of skills that you have.  

Why? Because speaking and teaching are the most effective ways to attract your target market and thereby draw your ideal clients to you.

It is through the dissemination of information that your target market needs and wants that you will establish yourself as an expert.

Let’s face it.

Your target market doesn’t really care about you.

They care about what you can do for them.

Does that sound harsh? Sorry. It is the truth….the naked truth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, once you begin to touch them with the sharing of your expertise, your talents, your skills, and your gifts–they will develop an affinity for you. But the root of the relationship lies in what you do for them.

As they begin to know, like, and trust you, they may begin to care deeply for you, but initially, the wonderful YOU that you are, is not why they come.

This is why they come: They come because you help them

  1. make money.
  2. save money.
  3. save time.
  4. avoid effort.
  5. get more comfort or cope with life.
  6. achieve greater cleanliness.
  7. attain fuller health.
  8. escape physical pain.
  9. gain praise.
  10. become more popular.

If you didn’t know, now you know why they really come.

So, if you always keep that in the back of your mind, the way that you position yourself in the marketplace will totally change. The reason you position yourself will also change as well.

You will realize that you must present yourself as THE problem-solver—the one who has the solutions for that thing that is plaguing their lives.

The best way to do this is by taking your expertise out of your head and sharing it. Speaking and teaching allow you to do that with ease.

I know that you may have never thought of yourself as a speaker and you may be terrified by the idea; but just like riding a bike and driving a car were skills you learned in spite of the fear, your speaking and teaching skills will come the same way.

If you really want to expand your reach, speaking and teaching are skills that you must embrace.

Public Speaking

There are various ways that you can “speak and teach”; but, one of the most effective marketing strategies you can add to your arsenal is public speaking.

You got it.

Standing behind a podium or before a group of people, as the center of attraction—all eyes on you.  It does not matter that you are not an experienced motivational speaker. What matters is that you have a message, a solution, a story to tell that is going to benefit your target market. Trust me. The benefits of speaking totally outweigh the fear of speaking.

Let me break it down.

Jane Doe has a problem. You share helpful solutions to her problem in your presentation. Jane Doe sees you as someone who can enhance her life in that area. Jane Doe decides to invest in herself by investing in you. Now, you have a new client, customer, or business partner who is excited to work with you. In fact, she is anxious to purchase your products and services.

Nice, isn’t it? :-)

Putting It into Action

So, how do you make this happen in the real world?

You contact businesses, organizations, associations where your target market “hangs out” and you offer to speak to the group for free. You make sure that your presentation is creative and that it is not “sale-sy.” You add value to the lives of those under the sound of your voice and then the magic happens.

When you focus on educating folks and not selling to folks, you will create a magnetic field that will pull your ideal clients to you because they see you as THE credible, reliable resource from whom all solutions flow. :-)

Now, don’t waste another minute. You know what to do.

Get to speaking.

Get to teaching.

Get to transforming lives.

Educate your target market and you will have more clients, customers, or business partners than you can handle. :-)

I LOVE cookbooks.

I was about 21 when I came to this realization.

I had a housemate at the time that could “burn” baby “burn.” She could prepare anything off the top of her head and it would be delicious—casseroles, soul food, filet mignon, desserts—from breakfast to dinner.  She had a little Rachel Rayness going on.

I, on the other hand…. Well, let’s just say, I am no Paula Dean.

I mean, I could cook very basic meals, doing anything with some chicken, veggies, and of course, pasta. But beyond that, I needed some serious support.

So, one day, I came across my housemate’s United States Postal Service cookbook in one of the kitchen drawers. It intrigued me because it had several versions of various dishes. It was like it took you from preschool to culinary school and it was up to you to choose your performance level.

After reading the recipe for Chicken Cacciatore one day, I suddenly had an epiphany. If I were to cook often enough using that cookbook, I would soon retain those recipes in my head and then turn myself into a “boss” in the kitchen. Ah, yes. That is when the angels sang and the church bells rang. :-)

I guess you know what happened next…..I turned into a cooking dynamo. I would get that cookbook, make my grocery list, rush to the grocery store, plow into the kitchen and create my masterpiece. I even got bold enough to make pies from scratch. What? You could not tell me anything. Shoot, I even bought a whole new set of pots. :-)

I attributed my success to my faith in that cookbook and every single cook who contributed a recipe. I believed that if I did exactly what they told me to do; I would get exactly what they told me I would get. It was funny because I believed in the recipe so much that I would measure everything to the tee. I would not add to or take away from what I was instructed to do, lest I tamper with excellence.

I was so dependent on that cookbook at that stage in the game. Back then, I needed every bit of guidance I received from it. It did not fail me. It served me well.

So, how does this relate to vision?

In general, cookbooks are dependable. They include recipesa list of ingredients and instructions for making a food dish. They are tested, tried, and true recipes that have worked for the author and for others who have been guided by them.

Recipes are beautiful things. They answer all of the questions: how, how much, when, in what, how long, what size, what amount, how much time, and so much more. They leave nothing to chance.

And there again is why I love books that are filled with them.

But, that’s enough reading. I’d rather share with you face-to-face.

So, click on the video below and let me talk to you.  Let’s talk about vision. See you there. :-)

Before you go….

What did you get from this post? Share your thoughts here. I give “comment luv”.:-)

Please feel free to share this post with those in your network, if you believe it will encourage them. I have made it easy for you below. Just click on the place you would like to send it and “Voila.” It is done. :-)

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