The way you use each hour of your day shows what you value and what is most important to you. Stephen Pierce, Secrets to Creating Wealth

24 hours. 1440 minutes. 

That is what you have been given every single day of your life. It does not change.

You see, if you can’t depend on anything in this world, you can depend on time. It never fails. It doesn’t pause. It doesn’t wait. It doesn’t rewind. It doesn’t fast forward. It moves at the same pace every single day.

That’s deep, when you really think about it.

How many times has something seemed so far away—a wedding, a promotion, a concert, a birthday, a graduation, a relocation—only to find that it “crept” up on you before you had time to “hurry up and wait” (something my grandfather used to say).

Well, while I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday, I began to think about how I can be a better master of the time I have been given. I instantly thought about how efficient I was with time as a classroom teacher. My class ran like clockwork. That was my specialty, you could say. I took pride in my students knowing what to do and when to do it. The how? That was my part, too. Teaching them how to do it and then letting them soar was the best part of my teaching experience.

But, I digress. :-)

I was thinking about how I would create my own lesson plan book after about the 3rd week of school, when I had the kinks ironed out of my schedule.

I would type up the exact blocks of time for each subject, break, recess period, transition time, and preparation for home. Then, I would print enough pages for the entire school year. Finally, I would head over to Kinko’s where they would create a spiral “notebook” with a clear front and red back (of course).

That plan book became my security blanket, my guide for the day. It kept me on track and as I would go back and read pages, it acted as a journal of productivity. I absolutely loved it. And, more importantly, I loved having written documentation of all that had been accomplished the days, weeks, and months before.

So, while I was in the kitchen yesterday, it dawned on me that I should do the same for my life, right now. I should  create  a schedule for each day of the week that allows me to maximize my day.  I should make copies for at least the next six months, and then head over to Office Depot and have that schedule bound into a spiral notebook. This outline for each day would help me show respect for the 24 hours that I have been given.

Immediately, I remembered what I’d read a year ago in Stephen Pierce’s book, Secrets to Creating Wealth:

For your desires to manifest themselves into reality, you need to breathe life into them and get them moving. You need to feed them and you need to nurture them. You do this by developing a solid and unshakable daily habit of performing those tasks you need to perform in order to see that the seeds of your dreams are birthed and that they grow.

You can’t say that you respect your dreams and your desires and not allocate the required hours in your day to go about those important routine tasks, regardless of how routine they may be. They may be critical to the materialization of your dreams.

If you are not doing those tasks, how can you say that you respect your dreams? p. 44 and 45

A year later, those words mean so much to me. I truly understand that what I do each and every day, every single hour of the day, determines whether the vision for my life is realized.

And so it is with you, too. If you are passionate about your purpose and you know that you are doing what you have been called to do– it is no longer about your ability, but about your stability. It is about your willingness to succumb to the “mundane” process of being consistent each day… respecting the 24 hours you have been given. 

(You will find that as you commit to the everyday tasks required to reach your goals, you will enhance your skill set and your abilities will advance.)

So, today, I will create my success routine. I will allot blocks of time for those tasks that must get done, daily. I will create my own customized planner as a guide for every single day.

I invite you to do the same. Are you with me?


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