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Are You Faithful to Your Own Business?

Would you say you are a faithful person? 

  • One who is true to your word, promises or vows
  • Worthy of trust or belief; reliable; trusted; believed
  • Steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant
  • Adhering firmly and devotedly as to a person, cause, or idea

I know what you are thinking. Yes, Kellie, I am faithful….in some areas. Maybe not as much as I would like to be in certain things, but I would say I am a faithful person.

I understand exactly what you mean.

But, let me stop beating around the bush. The question I really want to ask is “Are you faithful to your own business?”

Oftentimes, you may find it easier to commit to a job, a role, or even fulfilling someone else’s expectations than you do to your own business. Since no one can really tell you what to do or make you do it, it is easy for you to do “your own thang.” I mean, that is why you became an entrepreneur, right?

You wanted to be your own boss, set your own schedule, make your own moves.

All of that sounds real good until one day you look up and you do not have enough clients to make ends meet. You are not generating enough cash flow to sustain yourself and your family or even worse, you have lost the zeal for getting up every day and serving those you are called to serve.

Could it possibly be that you are not seeing the results you’d like to see because you are not faithful?

Here are some questions I have created to help you evaluate your faithfulness to your business which should be aligned with what God has called you to do:

1.  Do you invest in becoming better at what you do? This may look like—

  • Working closely with a trainer, coach, consultant, mentor

  • Taking courses and implementing your learning daily.

  • Getting a degree or certification in your field.

  • Attending seminars, workshops, or conferences held by leaders in your field.

2.  Do you set aside time to not only study your field, but also to grow spiritually and personally?  This may look like–

  • Spending 30-60 minutes per day listening to audio series on topics that enhance your personal and spiritual development or that specifically relate to areas in your business that you need to know well. For example, listening to series on leadership, marketing, the psychology of people, spiritual laws and principles, etc. are topics of which we can never become too well-versed.

  • Spending 30 minutes per day reading books on topics that enhance your spiritual, personal, and professional development.

3.  Do you operate your business daily based upon a strategic marketing plan? This may look like—

  • Establishing branding channels which include inclusive and exclusive ways of marketing that effectively reach and attract your ideal clients.

  • Implementing those marketing tactics on specific days of the week at specific times during the day (and even setting aside the amount of time each will take).

  • Annually, planning the networking events you will attend, the products you will launch, the training/services you will provide. Writing these plans on your calendar, breaking them down by quarters.

4.  Do you spend time in and on your business on a consistent basis whether you feel like it or not, whether “life happens” or not? This may look like—

  • Implementing your weekly marketing plan even though you do not feel well, you are not “in the mood”, you would rather do something else, you have received shocking news, you are being “attacked” by the enemy, and/or you are experiencing intense spiritual warfare, or you are not seeing results as quickly as you had “dreamed.”

  • Keeping your appointments with your clients or coaches, mentors, and courses you have agreed to take.

  • Staying on schedule with taking classes (if perhaps you are getting a degree or certification) and submitting your assignments on time.

5.  Do you assess & reassess your business vision with someone who can support you in the process? This may look like-—

  • Spending time in prayer and meditation with God. Hearing what He has to say about your path, your direction.

  • Spending time with a coach or consultant who is experienced, knowledgeable, and successful in the areas in which you want to experience success.

  • Evaluating your offerings—programs, products, and services.

  • Engaging in market research once or twice a year so that you know who your target audience really is and what problems you can solve.

  • Staying abreast of your competition.

  • Communicating your divine distinction in a bigger way.


For some reason, when it comes to your business, it may be easier said than done.

I encourage you today to be faithful to your business.

Commit to be faithful to the things that God has called you to do as a Christian entrepreneur.

Of course, it will not be easy, but once you make the decision to do it–no matter what, everything you need to fulfill your purpose will “kick in.”

Life and Times of Kellie Gardner–True Story

Got in my car feeling so good at 7:55 a.m.  

I had walked my little one into school, given her a big hug and kiss, and wished her a great day. Was patiently waiting my turn out of the parking lot into the stream of carpool traffic; listening to Jamie Grace sing “The Way You Show Jesus” so beautifully.

I was so pumped up–head bobbing and everything. :-)  You couldn’t tell me that this Friday was not going to be spectacular. It was about 71 degrees and the sun was shining so brightly….just a gorgeous scenario for a joy-filled day.

I turned out of the school onto Horsepen Creek Road; stopped at the light just a few feet away from the school. Then, proceeded to take my happy tail home. :-)


I looked in the rearview mirror to find this dark blue SUV with bright royal blue lights flashing.

So, I did the respectful thing and turned right into a housing development.  I was thinking, this officer must have gotten a call and must be in a hurry.

Unh-unh!!! Nooo, Honey!
He was pulling ME over.

What? You can’t be serious!     

I had been driving for all of two minutes since I pulled out of the school’s parking lot. How in the world could this be happening to me?  But, it was.

Oh, yes. I was not dreaming.

He was pulling ME, Kellie Alston Gardner, right on over to give me a ticket.

It felt so surreal as he so eloquently introduced himself and then said I was going 40 in a 25.

I was sitting there thinking….Okay, then everybody that I was driving behind must have been going 40 in a 25, too. But, I didn’t say that, of course.

The kind police officer went on to explain that the school zone stops right after the light and then starts again just a few feet away, because there is a Montessori school on the left.

AND…. [they] had been getting so many calls of people speeding through that little area that they were really scoping it out.

Well, just as he was checking my license and registration…..Whuuuurrrrupp!!!

Another police officer in another dark blue SUV pulled over another poor lady in a Honda Accord who was probably coming from dropping off her dear child, too–I’m sure.

There we both were–on the same street, going through the same process.

Meanwhile back at the ranch….

While the officer proceeded to “write me up”, I decided to continue listening to Jamie Grace and not dwell on my misfortune. (Trust me, this is evidence of the maturity taking place in my mindset these days. Back in the day, I would have been stressing out.)

So, the officer gave me my ticket which equated to $438 with the fine and court costs. He kindly explained that the fine had just gone up when I said, $438?” Well, anyway, the ticket was loaded with information on this very nice printed form. Actually, it was quite impressive.

It told me—

  • My court date
  • Options I had if I didn’t want to go to court (like paying online).
  • It included my personal information.
  • It included the officer’s information.
  • And also let me know that if I did not follow the aforementioned procedures, I could be arrested.  Whew!!!

Oh, let me tell you, everything was laid out for me and  in a strange sort of way the whole experience got me thinking about what I wanted to share with you today.

Systemizing Your Business is Not Optional

System: A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers. www.businessdictionary.com

Whether I agreed with the officer or not, there is something I cannot deny: He followed the system that has been put in place by the Guilford County Police Department and he did it, effectively.

The same thing must be evident in your business from the inside-out. There should be policies and procedures in place that flow smoothly even when you are on vacation for three weeks.

In other words the systems that you have in place must be processes, policies, or procedures that consistently achieve the same results regardless of who is completing the task. In fact, any task that is performed in your business more than once can be systemized.

Benefits of Systemizing Your Business

The benefits of systemizing your business are too many to go in detail in this post, but I will list what I consider to be the top 8 here:

  • Keener focus on growing your business, not operating it.
  •  Enhanced management of the time you spend on money-making activities (increased productivity)
  • Better cost management
  • Happier customers/clients with consistent service
  • Maximized conversion rates
  • More effective team/staff training (clear expectations of staff)
  • Increased respect of your time by your team/staff and yourself
  • Favorable positioning of your business in the eyes of  investors (Ever seen ABC’s Shark Tank?)

Figuring Out How to Systemize Your Business

  1. Get a sheet of paper (or even poster board) and fold it twice so that you have four boxes.
  2. Put one label in each box: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.
  3. Ask yourself, What must get done daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly in my business?
  4. Write those things in each box, accordingly.

Now, so that you are not overwhelmed, just start there. You will need to figure out how those things are to get done and who will be responsible for doing them, but let’s just take baby steps. That is how real progress is made, anyway.

When you successfully complete small projects, you are motivated to move forward to the next “small project” and after a while, you have completed what seemed like a major feat. Yay!!!

Creating Systems in Your Business

Hopefully, you are not “freaking out” at this point and you are not still lamenting over my ticket. Creating systems does not have to be overwhelming. They can take various forms—manuals/guides, instruction sheets, audio recordings, video recordings—any way that you can teach step-by-step instructions about a process, procedure, or policy, you are creating a system….and remember this, the more systems you put in place, the more benefits you will see.

Things in your life and your business will run more smoothly and effectively.

As for my ticket, well…..I guess I will turn-off Jamie Grace and move like a tortoise down Horsepen Creek Road from now on. :-)

Inspiration Before You Go

Watch this video of Show Jesus by Jamie Grace:


 Have a wonderful weekend!


When I was growing up, I was blessed to have several entrepreneurs in my family. One of them that I admired so much was my uncle Ralph. Since around the age of 18, my grandfather had taught him how to purchase “fixer-upper” homes and then rent them, and then using the rent to purchase another home, over and over again. If I am not mistaken, by the time I was 15; my uncle owned about 350 homes in Durham, N.C. He was an extremely successful businessman who had created a real estate “enterprise”, so to speak.

On any given afternoon after school, my very handsome, highly esteemed uncle would come over my grandparent’s house  in a custom-made suit, or his workout gear, depending upon what he had planned in his schedule. He would stay for as long as he liked chit-chatting with my grandparents, making jokes, and just glowing. At that time, he was in his early 40s, punching no one’s clock, and just doing “his thing.”

I always wondered how he was able to be so carefree—not bogged down by somebody’s time clock, going to lunch when someone told him, to do so. He didn’t spend hours in his company office, either, yet he was very successful, and yes you got it, very wealthy.

He knew something that you and many small business owners do not know.

A business is an entity that is bigger than one person alone. When you build a business, the business eventually becomes sustainable with or without your daily involvement. As one entrepreneur put it, “A sustainable business makes money for you while you sleep.It’s Your Biz, p. 55

In other words, just because you do not get a steady paycheck from an employer and you call yourself a business owner, if you only generate income when you “show up”, you have basically, just created another job for yourself—a job in which, you are your own boss—but nonetheless, a job.

Consequences of Creating a Self-Employed Job

When you make the decision to be the all-in-all of your business, the center of all that happens, you pay some hefty consequences. You miss out on time with family and friends. You miss out on doing those things you love to do. And, most importantly, you fail to ever really get ahead, financially because there are only 24 hours in a day and you can only accomplish so much in a day’s time. 

Benefits of Creating A Sustainable Business

But, oh how sweet it is when you really create a sustainable business! Susan Solovic puts it this way:

When you build a business on the other hand, as I mentioned, it can continue with or without your involvement. Doing so requires that you scale the product or service you will deliver to the market. By that I mean you must create a system to deliver your product or service so that it can be taught to others and repeated consistently by others.  It’s Your Biz, p. 56

What does this mean for you? This means that when you have a system in place, products are being sold while you are at the gym.

This means that services are being rendered all over the world while you are somewhere with a mastermind group creating other business ventures.

This means that you truly control your schedule because your sustainable business has become an enterprise—an enterprise comprised of a team of individuals that are trained to deliver the product or service efficiently and effectively without “your hands in it” every single day.

That is what my uncle Ralph knew that I didn’t know at that time and that you probably didn’t know either.

The Lesson for You

It does not matter whether you are a service professional, an artist, a retailer, a network marketer, a motivational speaker, a trainer, a contractor or business developer–when you do not have a system in place that allows your products and services to be supplied to your ideal clients without you having to actually be the one personally providing them, you really do not have a business. You have an elevated job.

That is your choice, but unfortunately, unless you choose to build a sustainable, business enterprise, you will never experience the incredible benefits and abundance of options that being a true small business owner can render.

The Bottom Line: Components of an Effective System

You must have a sales and marketing process with these three components in order for it to be effective: 

(1)  Lead Generation–You want a system that generates leads and drives traffic to your business.

(2) Lead Qualification—You want a system that targets your ideal clients who are ready and willing to pay for the product or service that you offer.

(3) Lead Conversion—You want a system that solves a problem, fulfills a need, or satisfies a desire so well, that your ideal client convinces him or herself to say, “YES.”

And, you want this to happen over and over and over again…..while you are in “Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty Mama….”

No, but seriously. :-)

Make putting a system in place a top priority, so that you can get rid of your self-employed job and begin to build an extraordinary dynasty.

Much success to you!

Before You  Go….

  • Share a comment. I just love to know what you are thinking. :-)
  • Share it with your network or a small business owner who needs to know this. (The Share-a-holic icons below make it so easy.)
  • Get your own copy of the Personal Branding Toolbox so that you can learn how to attract high-quality clients who are ready to pay for your products and services. :-)

How Are You Planning to Reign?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


I was so excited as I stood in church and ushered in 2012. For several weeks prior, the butterflies had been very active in my stomach. My “gut” was telling me that my life was about to shift gears.

For the past three years, significant changes had been going on inside of me regarding my mindset, my vision, my associations, and basically my transformation. Felt like I was a caterpillar in a cocoon that would break free with wings at the stroke of midnight.

What about you?

Were you excited about the New Year? Was it a different thrill from the New Years in the past? 

Perhaps you shared my sentiments and knew that things you had been waiting for and praying for would finally manifest in 2012.

Or maybe you had resolved that this year, you would “work the principles”—principles that God has already laid out in His Word.

Working the Principles

Principle:  A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning; A rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior.

I have been learning about various Biblical principles for a while, but love the way they are laid out in two of my favorite books—Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince and How to Reign in Life by Shelita Williams.

I purchased How to Reign in Life in the spring of 2010 when I came across the author, Shelita Williams on YouTube. Her book’s title caught my attention because my church had been studying the principles in Destined to Reign since January 2009.

With just a little over 100 pages, I was amazed at how much content Shelita shared in How to Reign in Life. She actually teaches 7 principles on how to have dominion in every area of your life, which set you up to REIGN. The principles, based upon Proverbs 12:24 are–

  1. Focus.
  2. Be incisive.
  3. Be attentive.
  4. Be constant.
  5. Be determined.
  6. Don’t lose your excitement.
  7. Be persistent.

The Interview with Shelita Williams

On this past Friday, I had the opportunity to converse with Shelita on my Blog Talk Radio Show, Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner and Friends. After a small technical difficulty, Shelita and I were on a roll. The conversation was so enlightening. She explained the principles above in detail and shared so many golden nuggets. She really got me to thinking. So, I decided to share the interview with you.

Click on the player below to listen to the interview. I hope that you walk away determined to live by a system, working the principles that God has already established for your success. 

It is finally time to REIGN!  

Listen to internet radio with kelliegardner on Blog Talk Radio
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