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Build it and they will come.

Who in the world spoke that lie?

Perhaps that works somewhere on land and sea, but on the internet that statement reads more like….

Market it, consistently and they will come.


Using Effective Marketing Tactics for Your Virtual Events

Let’s say you have decided to share your great content with your target market via what I call “a virtual learning event.” You might choose one of the following:

  • Teleclass
  • Webinar
  • Virtual Bootcamp
  • Telesummit
  • Virtual Summit
  • Virtual Trade Show
  • Podcast
  • Online Radio
  • Simulcasting or Hybrid Event
* This list is derived from  Multiple Streams of Virtual Event Income by Leesa Barnes

Well, you would have to really sit down and think the entire process through because at the end of the day, you want those you are called to serve to attend and ultimately, decide to work with you or purchase your products. So, it is imperative that the event speaks to their problem, pain, or predicament, as it is referred to by Jeanna Pool, author of Marketing for Solos. 

All things being considered, let’s assume that you have chosen a great topic for a specific niche. You have prepared the content and now you have decided to share it using the webinar as the format.

You have now conquered half of the battle. The other half is knowing how to effectively promote the webinar so that those you are trying to attract know about it and WANT to attend.
In the video tutorial below, I provide 6 marketing tactics that you can use to promote your webinar, starting as early as three weeks before the date of the event. The 6 tactics include:
  1. Direct Mail
  2. Social Media
  3. Preview Content
  4. Email Blasts
  5. Press Releases
  6. Trade Publication Ads and Articles
The tutorial is a little over 11 minutes, so you may want to take some notes. :)

Share Your Thoughts

  • How long do you think it will take you to plan your content for these marketing tactics which take place three weeks prior and up to the day of the event?
  • How will you ensure that you are promoting consistently so that you receive a return on your investment of time and dollars?

Pay It Forward

  • Share this post with a small business entrepreneur that you know. Remember that without effective marketing, any content that you put together is a total waste of time.
  • Use the icons below to share with your network or click on the YouTube label at the bottom of the video and just share the video from YouTube to your network.

Receive More Training on Branding and Marketing

It’s As Easy as Third Grade Math

  • $137 per month in dues
  • At least 25 members per month
  • At least one information product at no less than $297
  • $1000 to $2000 per month Coaching Program (3 or 4 members)
  • Throw in a live all day workshop at a cost of $2500

When you add it all up, you can easily see how one could earn upwards of $8,000 per month with a thriving membership-based business.  And, this example is very basic.

I was absolutely dumbfounded when I found out about this virtual business model. Of course, I had heard of associations. As an educator, I have been a member of several associations and maintain membership in several associations, today:

  • National Education Association
  • North Carolina Association of Educators
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • International Reading Association

In my personal life, I have been a member of the NAACP and I was the vice president of a civic organization called FOCUS.

I paid dues to all of these groups, attended workshops, networked, and totally benefited from my membership in many ways.  But, they were all on land and see. :-)

To think that people were joining organizations, virtually, was just mind-boggling, and to know that it was a woman, not a “board”, who had pioneered this concept and had grown her membership to almost 50,000 paying members was nothing short of incredible.

The Membership-Based Business Model Does Not Fail

The woman of whom I speak is Sheri McConnell,  author of Smart Women Create Membership- Based Businesses. In the introduction of her book she states:

Don’t think, “This won’t work for me.” The membership-based business model doesn’t fail. YOU are the key to your success.

Now, that statement is coming from a woman who has grown a 7-figure empire after 10 years implementing this business model. So, needless to say, I believe her.

The Interview on Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner & Friends

Yesterday afternoon, to my delight, I had the opportunity to interview Sheri McConnell. We had so much to talk about that we didn’t even get to cover all of the questions that I asked her during the show. In fact, she answered even more of my questions after the show ended. But, she did share, I have to share with you.

Maybe you did not know the possibilities. Maybe you don’t understand why so many people would even want to be paying members of  your association. That’s great. Keep the questions coming, but then find the answers. Sheri McConnell has more than enough expertise and wisdom to answer every single one.

So, listen to the interview to find out:

  • Why the membership-based business model runs circles around the service-based business model (i.e. consultants, coaches, graphic designers, even lawyers and teachers)
  • The kind of mindset a membership-based business owner needs
  • The kind of training and coaching a membership-based business owner needs
  • How you can work smarter and not harder and live a balanced, fulfilling life with this business model
  • How you can build this business from home

Click the player below to learn about the membership-based business model. For more information about Sheri McConnell, click her name. She is available for consultation and training.

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