The Extraordinary You

At this point in your life, I hope you see yourself as the unique, special, one-of-a kind gift that you are. There is nobody on the planet exactly like you.

No one on the planet has stood in your shoes, seeing things the way you do, experiencing things exactly as you have—even if you have a twin. Because of that you are extraordinary.

Your personal brand is just as special because it is yours.

  • It is personal. 
  • It is authentic.  

That is what I love about personal branding. It is an unveiling of who you truly are and requires that you fully identify with yourself, intimately, and then that you convey that relationship with self to others. In doing so, you attract only those who are called to you–your flavor, your story, your way, your gift. When you become a blessing to them, that is the beauty of it all. :-)

Total understanding of your “brand” helps you create a tagline that does not focus on you but focuses on the results that others get from the illumination of your brand. In other words, when you create your tagline, you are simply defining what you do or who you are in terms of the “help” you provide. In actuality, you are sharing what you want to be known for in a “sound bite.”

In fact, just close your eyes and  think of your tagline as your logo in words.

Ask yourself, “When people hear my name, what will immediately come to mind?”

A Newness in Your Personal Brand

Isn’t it wonderful that you get to “control” this? You get to control what you share with others about yourself. You get to control how you present yourself. Although, you did not create yourself, you get to “usher in” the “brand called you.”

It reminds me of  the same hope, joy, and optimism you have for a newborn–a brand new life. Honestly, it really does.

As that newborn goes through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, you cannot totally control the decisions that he or she makes; nor can you control the character traits that s/he develops. But, you can control the environment you place him or her in and many of the situations that he or she is exposed to while living in your domain. You can plant seeds or build a foundation that supports the development of those desirable character traits you hope to instill.

In the same way, you can plant seeds into the minds of your target market. You can support the development of their thoughts towards you, although you cannot control their perceptions or interpretations.

You can make your promise and deliver what you say you are about. You can share your promise in your tagline which is also called your promise statement.   

A Promise to Your Target Market

Your responsibility to others is to know what you have been called to do, to state it, to be it, and to deliver it. Your credibility lies in your ability to do so.

As a result, corporations have been using taglines (which were often called slogans back in the day) since marketing was a little baby. :-)

Some examples of familiar Corporate taglines are—

  • Allstate: You’re in good hands with Allstate.
  • Maxwell House: Good to the last drop.
  • BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine
  • Preference by L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it.
  • Revlon: Products for Revolutionary women
  • Federal Express: The world on time
  • Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

See how these taglines share a result of doing business with them or having their product, in one phrase or sentence.  I want to reiterate: As a service professional or small business owner, you too, want to make sure your tagline focuses on results as well.

One way to do this is to start your tagline with a verb like:

  • Writing Lyrics of Love, Lyrics of Life
  • Boosting Small Business Growth Online
  • Building Brands That Impact Generations
  • Training to Transform One Leader At A Time

Another great way to start a tagline is with words like—


  • Where Entrepreneurs Discover Their Divine Personal Brand
  • Where Women Entrepreneurs Turn Businesses into Legacies


  • Because you have more important things to do than clean.
  • Because your children are your pride and joy.
  • Because you work hard and play hard.
  • Because a woman’s glory is her hair.


  • The Only Marketing Consultant You Will Ever Need      
  • The Party Planner for the Busy Mom

Your Assignment

List all of the outcomes that your clients will receive from doing business with you. Find a way to put the most significant outcome in a phrase or a sentence that expresses it concisely. Do not try to go over the top with a tagline. In this case, less is best and simplicity rules.

Once you create your tagline, come back and share it here. I would love to hear from you. :-)

The Personal Branding Toolbox

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