The Personal Branding Toolbox

Learn How to Attract Enjoyable, High-Paying Clients That You Were Called to Serve

The Personal Branding Toolbox includes over four hours of audio training broken into 15-30 minute segments on 10 Things Your Ideal Clients Need You To Do. Every other day, it provides valuable information and action steps (homework)  that you, the small business owner, must master to attract your target market and thereby extract your high-quality, ideal clients that make you want to get up every morning and SERVE.

It also includes a 40+ page FREE 90-Day Video Marketing Guide that teaches you how to implement one of the most effective marketing tactics on the planet. You will also receive a FREE subscription to Brande, the ezine that is all about branding, marketing, and mindset.  Enter your name and best email address in the boxes to the right and get starting walking in your divine personal brand, one step at a time.


Kellie’s Blog Post & Free Subscription to Brande’

Kellie Gardner is a teacher and a writer at heart. She has been teaching, legally, :) since 1994 and writing since she was able to hold any utensil that provided lead or ink. On her blog, she provides training on branding, marketing, and mindset. Spiritual principles that connect the divine purpose of the Christian entrepreneur to his or her business vision are also shared. Receive her blog posts directly into your inbox when you give permission. Enter your name and your best email address in the box to the right with the HUGE envelope. :)You will be delighted that you did. :)

Personal Branding & Marketing Tutorials in Video

On YouTube, Kellie Gardner provides marketing training on various topics such as personal branding, brand marketing, blogging, YouTube marketing, live streaming video, internet TV channels, webinar marketing, and Twitter Marketing. Most tutorials are between 5-10 minutes. Access the page with more information on these tutorials here.

90-Day Beginner’s Video Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

Shorten your learning curve and get on top of the video marketing trend, right now! Why? Because every entrepreneur must add video marketing to his or her marketing plan. For those who would like to create a channel with content that attracts their ideal clients, the Beginner’s 90-Day Video Marketing Guide is a great resource. Kellie has created this 40-page guide after having her own channel for over 36 months and attracting clients through study, trial and error. To find out the benefits of this guide and how to get your free download click here.

Lessons From Visionaries Walt Disney & Steve Jobs

Both Walt Disney and Steve Jobs created iconic companies with world-class brands. In this series of videos and commentary Kellie Gardner shares the lessons that she believes all entrepreneurs can learn from them. Click here to learn more.

Books That Transform on Blog Talk Radio

Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner & Friends is an online talk radio show  that allows me to have engaging conversations with authors who are changing mindsets and transforming lives with books written about personal branding, small business marketing tips, entrepreneurship, personal development, spiritual growth, as well as issues that affect women in business.The target audience is small business owners who desire to shorten their learning curve as they build sustainable 6 or 7 figure enterprises. Click here to access the show on Blog Talk Radio.  To subscribe to the show for FREE on iTunes click here.

Books That Transform Recommended Reading List

Leaders are readers!

You have heard it said and it is true. Books expose you to concepts, perspectives, strategies, people, places, and things that you may not otherwise have ever known.  On Books That Transform, Kellie Gardner chooses to converse with authors who have created “the work” that will impact how you think about yourself, your branding and marketing, and your role as an ambassador for the kingdom.

This book list includes only the books of authors who have been or will be on Books That Transform. It is conveniently divided into categories--branding and marketing; small business; speaking and communication; women in business; and, spiritual growth, inspiration, and mindset. Not only do you get the book titles and authors, you also get the authors website and the link for the show on which the author appeared.

At the end of each season an updated list will be sent to you. You won’t have to do anything but keep reading and keep walking in your divine personal brand.