This page is full of amazing insight that I have garnished from visionaries Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. I kind of got obsessed with studying the professional lives of these men and enjoyed the process. On this page, I share the lessons that I learned. I hope that you leave this page, inspired. :-)


Lesson 1

Create a picture of all you believe possible in your business.

Commentary #1 includes four pages of information that will help you grow your business vision. It is available here.


Lesson 2

Strategically invest time in constructive and productive activities and seek contributory relationships that propel you towards your vision.

Commentary #2: Continue the learning here.   

Lesson 3

Move towards your business vision using the resources you have.
It is an act of faith that brings more financial resources, human resources, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to you.

Commentary #3: Click here.