Marketing Metamorphosis

Kellie Gardner shares her passion for entrepreneurship on her YouTube Channel, Marketing Metamorphosis. It is there she shares everything she is learning about personal branding, internet marketing, and personal development.

Since she uploaded her first video on June 11, 2010, she has fallen in love with YouTube. It is the place where people all over the world can benefit from her love of learning which is expressed through the gift of teaching.

Early in 2011, Kellie realized that she enjoyed doing 6-9 minute video tutorials using PowerPoint and Camtasia. On this page, those tutorials will be shared. Each video was also shared as a blog post, so the posts are included on this page as well. Just click on the title and you will be lead to the page that includes the video you would like to see.

Hopefully, you will find some great content that will deepen your understanding, grow your person, and grow your business.:-)

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Recently, I received a message on Facebook that included a testimonial from a young realtor that I had never met, trained in a seminar, or spoken to at all. She and her business partner had studied the personal branding videos that are on YouTube and she wanted to express how they had really helped them understand how to brand their business. Click on the link below to read the testimonial (as she sent it on professional letterhead and it was too much to just copy and paste here. :) It is such a blessing to know that what I am doing is impacting the businesses and lives of others

personal branding testimonial photo 
 Quentin Freeman and Kristina Mohammed of Cue Kay Estates, LLC
 Click here to read the testimonial.