Gemstone Branding Programs

Gemstones are precious stones that may be used as jewels after being cut and polished. So, when I was thinking about what to call my branding programs, I immediately made a correlation between how gemstones have to be prepared for fine jewelry just as the personal branding process prepares us for business.

Personal branding is so amazing because it actually reshapes you, cuts you, and polishes you so that you might present your best self. As a small business Christian entrepreneur, it is important to assess where you are today in your brand development and where you want to be. Choose the branding program that best fits your needs and click on the link provided to get started. I cannot wait to partner with you!

Amethyst Partner

You are in the start-up phase or just know that you need support when it comes to the fundamentals of building a brand that exemplifies your authentic self. You have the commitment level, but your funds are limited. You are ready to be coached through the process of building a strong foundation for your business.

Emerald Partner

You need support with creating a blueprint for your business. You would like to identify your Divine Distinction and craft a brand message that speaks directly to your niche. You are also interested in establishing your online presence. Developing a success routine to maximize the hours of your busy day is also a major goal.

Sapphire Partner

You have been in business for a couple of years or more but have not seen the kind of results of which you are capable. You are ready to go to the next dimension. You want to become a leader in your niche. You want to create multiple streams of income by packaging your expertise and providing value through various branding channels. You are in it to win it "no turning back".

Ruby Partner

You already have a successful business, earning income that you love; however, you, sometimes feel like you have a job. You are ready to market your ideas, your talents in a big way. Your desire is to create big-ticket seminars and conferences. You know that developing information products, programs, and merchandise is the way to ensure that residual income is constant. You need support in launching your 12-month personal branding campaign.

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