The Groundbreaker

The Amethyst Program is also known as the Groundbreaker Program.


This package is for the start-up entrepreneur who is beginning from scratch. During this six-month period, we will work together to—

  • Identify what you have been called to do, finding the sweet spot between your passion and profitability.
  • Write your vision statement, capturing in words the kind of business you want to create and the kind of impact you are lead to make in the world.
  • Solidify your understanding of personal branding as it relates to who you are as a person and what you specialize in doing.
  • Become clear about who your ideal clients or customers are and learn everything about them.
  • Craft your tagline (slogan) in three to nine words that transmits who you are, what you do, and whom your business benefits.
  • Design your services for your ideal clients or customers so that you can generate the income that begins to create the lifestyle that you desire doing what you do well and what you love.

This is a great program for self-starters who enjoy working independently with “mild” collaborative support. The focus is on solo assignments that are completed by due dates that are mutually agreed upon. Feedback on the assignments is provided via email (and/or recording or video).


  • 6 months
  • Two 30-minute recorded training/conference calls per month (every other week)



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