The Roadrunner (Momentum Program)

The Emerald Partner is also a Roadrunner.


This package is for the start-up entrepreneur who is very clear on what she has been called to do and who she has been called to serve. During this six-month period, we will work together to—

  • Craft a personal brand based on the attributes that create a sense of value for your target audience.

  • Develop marketing materials that present and establish your brand identity in the marketplace (i.e. logo, website, stationary, business cards, postcards, signage, professional photos, and social media).

  • Begin to build out your product line, creating 1-2 products.

  • Select communication tactics that reach your target market and support your marketing strategy

  • Create a strategic marketing plan.

This is a great program for high achievers who want to create massive results in a short amount of time through consistent action, collaboration, and weekly accountability. The projects to be completed during this six-month period are intense and require complete focus and follow-through.


  • 6 months
  • Three 30-minute recorded training/conference calls per month (weeks 1-3)



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