Time with Kellie–Three 60-minute Sessions & Weekly Sessions

Sapphire partners have an online presence and even some notoriety in their regions or states, but are ready to “take it to the next dimension.” They receive support on implementing ideas they may have and also strategize and brainstorm with me on other possible avenues that they might take.

Branding Channel Development

One of the major goals of the Sapphire program is to make sure that at least five branding channels (exclusive and inclusive) are being utilized solidly and consistently. Sapphire partners and I collaborate to make sure that the branding channels that they select “fit” their authentic selves and connect, fully, with their target market.

Program and Product Development

Another major goal of the Sapphire program is to ensure that partners begin to focus on the types of products and programs they might offer their ideal clients. Full implementation of this process is not the goal for this 6-month program; however, the options are laid out, selected, and the beginning phases of program and product development begin.

Email Marketing

There is an intense focus on increasing subscribers to the Sapphire partners’ lists during this 6-month program. Goals are set each month and specific list-building strategies are employed to make those goals attainable.


At this point in a Sapphire partner’s brand development, it is time to “get out there in a big way.”  Speaking is one of the fastest, if not the fastest way to do this. During this program, Sapphire partners work with me to employ strategies that ensure that speaking becomes a steady income stream and client attractor.

Other benefits of this program:

  • Being held accountable for goals.
  • Employing internet marketing strategies that boost the online presence, consistently.
  • Developing client attractive marketing materials.
  • Becoming a leader in their niche.
  • Working through self-limiting beliefs.
  • Increasing the size of your email list.
  • Solidifying speaking engagements, consistently.
  • Hiring at least one virtual assistant and learning how to delegate tasks.

Program Materials

  • The Brand Called You by Peter Montoya with Tim Vandehey
  • Make a Name for Yourself: 8 Steps Every Woman Needs to Create a Personal Brand Strategy for Success by Robin Fisher Roffer
  • The Wealthy Speaker: The Proven Formula for Building Your Successful Speaking Business by Jane Atkinson (with workbook)
  • Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World Tell A Better Story by Gail Larsen
  • Sapphire Strategy Guides
  • Access to Recorded Sessions (either video or audio)
  • Praise Reports (either through video email or Audio Note)

Note: These books will be used as “textbooks” during this program.


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