Envision an interactive session at your conference, seminar, banquet, or workshop where everyone in attendance is called to look within themselves, perhaps for the first time—but, if not for the first time, in a brand new way.

Imagine attendees engaging in a participatory atmosphere where meaningful connections are made from breast to breast and from heart to heart.

Consider the impact that your event can have on the lives of many when attendees leave with a renewed sense of who they are, what they have been called to do, and for whom they have been called to do it.

Listen to the bubbling chatter afterwards. Comments of confirmation, restoration, revelation, and jubilation fill the air.

Extraordinary Cooperative Learning Presentations that Educate, Engage, Entertain, and Transform

Through her experiential presentations, Kellie draws on her professional experience as a certified educator for more than 17 years and her expertise in curriculum and instruction to create a dynamic, hands-on learning experience.

Her signature style incorporates her passion for teaching and learning with her vision for empowering small business owners with the tools they need to present their authentic personal brands to the world.

As a certified reading specialist, Kellie understands that the members of her audience process information differently, so she thoughtfully incorporates an array of strategies to teach key concepts and principles that connect with the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual modalities. But, most of all, her jovial personality and sense of humor make every presentation a time of laughter and fun.

Kellie’s primary goal is that her presentations become a catalyst for helping Christian entrepreneurs align their business vision with their divine purpose; and thereby, walk in their divine personal brand.

Kellie’s Signature Talks for Christian Entrepreneurs

  • The 8 Dimensions of Your Divine Personal Brand: Breaking Down the Process of Being Called According to His Purpose
  • The Divine Personal Branding System: 5 Steps to Building A Brand That Glorifies God & Generates Lifelong Revenue
  • S.T.O.P. Four Fundamental Steps to Working Your Brand While You Honor Your Full-Time Job
  • Divine Personal Branding: The Archenemy of Selfish Ambition
  • 3 Keys to Possessing Your Peace: Rising Above Life’s Drama, Walking In Your Divine Personal Brand
  • Don’t Believe The Hype: Becoming Steadfast and Unmovable in Your Personal Branding

Note: Content may be delivered in the following formats–

  1. Presentation/Seminar (30-90 min)
  2. Workshop (1/2 day–1 day or 2 day option is available)
  3. Teleseminar (60-90 minutes with a Q & A session included)
  4. Webinar (60-90 minutes with Q & A session included)
  5. Full-Day (8-hour) Bootcamp
  6. Weekend Retreat

Kellie is available to speak for faith-based groups, small business organizations, educational associations, and women’s groups.  Topics may also be tailor-made for the needs of your group. 

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Testimonials from Educators Who Have Hired Kellie

Listen to this testimonial that speaks about Kellie’s ability to create courses that hit the mark, time after time.






Dr. Debra Parker
Department of Human Sciences
North Carolina Central University
Durham, N.C. 


Listen to this testimonial about Kellie’s ability to tailor-make engaging seminars/workshops that deliver informative, applicable content, consistently.



Mrs. Veronica Bryant, M. Ed., MSA
Assistant Principal
Rankin Elementary School
Guilford County Schools
Greensboro, N.C.


Testimonials from Former Students of Kellie’s Courses

Mary Graves, Fall 2012, North Carolina Central University

Rosalyn Lewis, Fall 2011, North Carolina Central University

Minnie Best, Fall 2011, North Carolina Central University

 Cynthia Holder, Fall 2011, North Carolina Central University

Karen Wright, Fall 2011, North Carolina Central University

Taronda Fishburne, Fall 2011, North Carolina Central University


Testimonials from Christian Entrepreneurs Who Have Been Trained on Branding & Marketing Strategies

Luguzy Atkins, EarPlay Productions

 Stevii Mills, Just Stevii & Beauty from Head to Toe Tour

Christyl Benford, BNow Entertainment

Alaina Odesssa, Alaina Odessa Expressions

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